Catlin Harrison


A Scanner Darkly..


Most of my pictures are made by using a scanner to create modern photograms.
Being immersed in the picture is what I'm trying to achieve…… different from the window-type view that cameras make, (what David Hockney calls the "tyranny of the lens").
Because of the almost microscopic level of detail, each image could be printed three metres tall without loss of quality. Web tech provides a way of viewing this detail - my next project will be made specifically for exploring with this method.



Inspiration comes from varied sources: plants, haute couture, weird things in jars, classification, tombs, nightmares, Wunderkammer and especially Medieval European painting.
I count my work as belonging to the sea-change that’s happening in the fine art world; where things like aesthetics, figuration, craft and allegory are coming back into fashion after a long time out in the conceptual cold.


Selected Exhibitions:
'Transience, Open Salon', 2/2012, Galerie Huit, Penang, Malaysia
Worldwide Photography Biennial, 1/2012, Buenos Aires
'Open Salon', summer 2011, Galerie Huit, Arles, France
'Persona', 10/11, Darkroom Gallery, Vermont
'Professional Women Photography 35th Anniversary', 6/11, Soho Photo Gallery, New York
'Open Photography 2', 2/11, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol
Constructs, Spectacle, Self, 2/11, Viewfinder Gallery, London
'Hemispheres', 9/10, Lana Santorelli Gallery, New York
'Beautiful Things', 6/10, Vermont Photospace Gallery, Vermont
'Alchemists', 5/10 Viewfinder Gallery, London
Nature's Best Photography, 11/09-5/10, Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Washington DC
‘Fine Art & Fashion’, 5/2009, Paper Dress, London
‘Sample’, 8/2008, the Printspace, London
‘Through the Lens', 7/2008 Royal West of England Academy, Bristol


Stellar Art Award, Digital Arts California 2014
Award of Merit, International Fine Art Photography, 2012
Julia Margaret Cameron Award, winner Self-portrait non pro' category, 2010
Award of Merit, Worldwide Photography Gala Awards, Four Seasons Contest, 2010
Bronze, International Aperture Awards 2010
Creative Digital Award, Windland Smith Rice International, 2009
Silver-Gilt medal, Royal Horticultural Society, 2009
Honorable Mention PX3 Prix De La Photographie, Paris, 2009
Honorable Mention, International Photography Awards, 2009
Contemporary Print Award, Royal West of England Academy, 2008

Best of Photography annual 2010
Camera Obscura Journal
fLIP magazine
Photoshop Creative Magazine
Camera 9